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T-ara member profile


Eun Jung

Eunjung was born in Seoul, South Korea. Her mother, a graduate of Ewha Womans University, is really a former piano teacher who works as Eun-jeong’s agent. While attending seventh grade, Eunjung started taekwondo lessons and won three different competitions. Her mother made a decision to give up teaching and manage Eun-jeong’s career upon her high school graduation in 2007. Later that year, Eunjung signed up for Dongguk University, where she took performance courses. She is an only child possesses been quoted as explaining, “My mother had me ten years after she was married to my dad, which seems more hurtful. Upon watching several famous performers in past times, she needed to become an actress. Since We’ve, she is quite pleased I’ve got becoming important. She believes her original prayers were answered.

Eunjung T-ara (Ham Eun-jung) profile:

Birth name: Ham Eun jeong
Also known as: Eunjung, Ham Unchong
Born: December 12, 1988 Seoul, South Korea
Genres: Pop, dance
Occupations: Idol, Actress, Singer, Rapper, Dancer
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Blood Type: O
Star sign: Sagittarius
Labels: Core Contents Media, Mnet media
Twitter: @Taraeunjung1212

Eunjung T-ara (Ham Eun-jung) facts:

  • Eunjung is one of the members of T-ara that asterisked in many crisis sequence when compared to other members
  • Eunjung signed up for Dongguk College majoring within Performing Disciplines
  • Eunjung pastime is actually reading through magazines as well as viewing in theaters
  • Eunjung expert within tae kwon do and horseback riding
  • Eunjung Lee Jang Woo’s wife on the reality display We Got Married
  • Eunjung is a rapper within the group T-ara
  • Eunjung many to be a model within the MV clip band FT Island
  • Eunjung experienced begun her profession by playing in a film within 2000

Television drama

  • 1995: A New Generation of Adults (Jessica)
  • 2004: Little Women (Hyun Deuk (Young))
  • 2004: Age of Heroes (Layla)
  • 2004: Toji, the Land (Bong Soon (Young))
  • 2005: Hello, My Teacher
  • 2006: Goong
  • 2010: Coffee House (Kang Seung Yeon)
  • 2011: Dream High (Yoon Baek Hee)
  • 2011: King Geunchogo (Jin Ah Yi)
  • 2011: We Got Married 2011 (Lee Jang Woo’s wife)
  • 2012: Queen Insoo Insoo (Young)

Television series

  • 2010: KBS2 Invincible Youth Episode 26 Herself(Guest) With fellow T-ara member and cast regular Hyomin
  • 2010: SBS Running Man Episode 7 Herself(Guest) With Guest Jo Kwon (2AM)&Jung Yong-hwa (CN Blue)
  • 2010-2011: KBS2 Hello Baby Herself With T-ara
  • 2012: SBS Running Man Episode 104


  • 1999: A-rong’s Big Expedition (Song-i)
  • 2002: Dodge Go! Go! (Min Sang Mi)
  • 2002: Madeleine (Song Hye (Young))
  • 2005: The Beast and the Beauty Hae Mi
  • 2006: Ice Bar (Mi Sook)
  • 2006: World of Silence (Min Hee)
  • 2007: Dating On Earth (Yun Yi Soo)
  • 2008: Death Bell / Gosa (Kim Ji Won)
  • 2011: White: The Melody of the Curse (Eun Joo)
  • 2011: Gisaeng Ryung


  • 2010: 2010 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Award (Coffee House)
  • 2011: 2011 MBC Broadcast Entertainment Awards: Variety Division – Rookie Award (We Got Married)

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